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The Comfort Company's Long Term Care product offering is specifically designed for the needs of the geriatric patient. All products are designed to be durable, easily maintained, and easily installed. Hundreds of product options make it easy to find the ideal seating and positioning solution for any patient within a long term care facility.



5x National Champion, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up in a wheelchair?

In 1983, I was involved in a motocross accident which paralyzed me. Since my injury/accident, I pursued my college education and completed my B.S. in finance, and a M.Ed. in education along with two teaching credentials. I have worked in the areas of finance and teaching. In addition, I discovered a passion for weight training/bodybuilding and have been successful with winning an unprecedented five National titles and being honored with professional status in bodybuilding. I truly believe that good health will improve the quality of one's life.

How/when did you first hear about the Vicair® Cushion?

It was around the year 2007 when I was first introduced to the Vicair® line of cushions. I wasn't exactly sure how it would work for me but I did know that I needed to find a cushion that could meet my needs. What problems had you been dealing with before you started using your Vicair® cushion? What cushion/cushions were you using at this time? I developed a pressure ulcer on my buttocks which eventually evolved into a stage four wound. At the time I developed the pressure sore I was sitting on a number of different cushions, these included a Roho and a Jay Cushion.

Did you have to adjust the cushion before you started using it? Have you made adjustments since?

When I first received the cushion a made a couple minor adjustments and since then I have not had to make any adjustments whatsoever. The fact that the Vicair® cushions are extremely adjustable to conform to one's needs simply makes this design feature very practical with the utility needed to aid in the healing of a wound.

How long have you been using the Vicair® cushion and have you had any issues or problems with it?

I've had a Vicair® cushion for several years now, and have not experienced any problems with it.

In your mind, what are the biggest advantages of the Vicair® cushion vs. other adjustable medium cushions? Specifically, what other cushions had you tried and what problems did you have with them?

The adjustability with the Vicair® cushion is a tremendous feature. Also, it's very durable, lightweight, and easy to keep clean. I've tried various Roho designs prior to the Vicair®, but found that the Roho wasn't healing my wound. Also, the Roho has a tendency to make you sweat because of its non-porous design. Some other issues I had with it were it loses desired pressure, easily punctures, and doesn't provide the stability that I needed.

Victor Konovalov


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