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The Comfort Company's Long Term Care product offering is specifically designed for the needs of the geriatric patient. All products are designed to be durable, easily maintained, and easily installed. Hundreds of product options make it easy to find the ideal seating and positioning solution for any patient within a long term care facility.


About Us

The Comfort Company was founded in 1987 based on the belief that a single company could meet the needs of the millions of wheelchair users in the world. There was a time when a wheelchair cushion, backrest, and complete seating system was an afterthought.
Today we understand that the proper seating system can provide a patient with mobility, health, independence, and an overall happier living situation. The Comfort Company spends 100% of its resources on designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling top of the line seating and positioning equipment for both rehab and geriatric patients.
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Customer Service

The most important part of our business is our customers. We have a full customer service staff to help you in whatever circumstance you might need assistance. When you call our CS department you will not be greeted with an automated message or a busy signal. You will be greeted by one of our highly trained customer service professionals, who are eager to help you and answer any questions you might have.Comfort Company Sign


Our manufacturing facility is a state of the art building with several different departments designed specifically to produce high quality seating and positioning products.Comfort Company Sign

What Sets
The Comfort Company Apart?

Lifetime Warranty

All products are guaranteed for life against manufacturer's defects. We will gladly repair or replace any products at no charge.

Product Quality

Our product quality is unmatched in the industry. Our products are very durable to handle everyday use without taking away from comfort or pressure redistribution.

Seating and Positioning Specialists

We are dedicated to designing and creating seating and positioning products only. We do not manufacture wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, patient lifts, etc. 100% of our time is spent on perfecting our seating and positioning accessories.


We can customize all of our products to fit specific needs of individual patients. We also offer quick turnaround time.

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