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BodiTrak2 Smart Support Surface

BodiTrak2 Medical Smart Support Surface:

Helping Prevent Pressure Injuries & Falls

BodiTrak Smart Support Surfaces goal is simple: to provide caregivers with a powerful and simple to use tool that can be used to help better manage and monitor the integrity of the patient’s skin, monitor fall risk and aids clinicians in complying with clinical standards.

Using the BodiTrak® Smart Surface App

  • Pressure scale: preset to 5-75mmHg, but can be adjusted to integrate with facility protocol
  • Pressure mapping feature: provides continuous, real time pressure mapping to identify areas of high risk and allows caregiver to ensure proper off-loading and repositioning
  • Turning Timer: tracks the time until the patient needs to be turned. If patient isn’t turned, the caregiver can be sent a SMS text message as a reminder.
  • Camera and Library: allows you to take snapshots of the pressure map for documentation and store them in the library- these images can also be uploaded to the patient’s file
  • Risk: Monitors patient movement via pressure display and alerts caregivers to potential falls and bed elopements.
  • Biometric Monitoring: Smart Surface provides respiration monitoring and pulse oximetry is available with Bluetooth Pulse OX sensor


  • Standard size: 35.5 x 84” (additional sizes available)
  • Sensing area: 30” x 74”
  • Weight Capacity: 5 to 550 lbs.
  • Smart Fabric material: Lycra Stretch
  • Pump included
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Life expectancy: 3-5 years
  • Tablet warranty per manufacture of the tablet
  • Cover Warranty 2 years
  • ISO 13485 certified
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BodiTrak2 Smart Support Surface
BodiTrak2 Smart Sleep Diagram with Bladder

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