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BodiLink® Lateral Trunk Support

HCPCS Coding: E0956 / Removable Hardware E1028

Designed with the body's shape in mind and rounded edges ensure comfort

  • The GT2 series provides the industry best combination of adjustment capabilites and strength with a modular link system with spring-loaded gear tooth joints
  • New winter/summer mounting available for use with Acta-Embrace back supports
  • PADS
  • 6 pad sizes offered in each premium & basic, moldable & rigid, supportive & active, giving 48 options to fit any user
  • Premium Pads
  • 7 cover choices: bare (no cover), Comfort-Tek, Stretch-Air, and Glidewear for skin protection, and each fabric available with added foam for non-zeroing, soft feel
  • Anatomically designed pad offers more natural positioning and greater surface contact
  • Molded foam used to prevent breakdown reducing patient risk
BodiLink Lateral Trunk Support
Gear Teeth 2 (GT2):
  • Spring-loaded joints allow increased ease of set-up and can be moved to any joint where it will not interfere with other chair components
  • Unique wrist joint allows pad rotation to match the patient's angle for improved contact area and comfort
  • Modular design for customizable link configuration
  • Mounting options are durable and positive fit for all Acta-Series, Corpus, and Tru-Comfort2
  • Strength increase of about 20% at each joint, resulting in a significantly stronger overall hardware assembly than standard GT hardware
  • The gear teeth allow hardware to adjust in 10° increments and lock tightly into place to precisely position the client based on individual needs
  • Swing-Away mechanism can be placed on the top or bottom for easier removal for clients with limited dexterity
  • Hardware components were designed to be smooth and soft, eliminating sharp edges

Pad Features

Premium Pads:
  • Pad shape mimics the shape of a hand, offering more natual positioning
  • Skinned foam encapsulates metal plate making breakthrough, nearly impossible resulting in longer lasting pad
  • Curved edges improve comfort and increase contact area
  • Thinner for minimal upper extremity interference
  • 7 cover choices available: bare (no cover), Comfort-Tek, Stretch-Air, and GlideWear for skin protection, and each fabric available with added foam for non-zeroing, soft feel
Basic Pads:
  • Foam wrapped stainless steel plate with rubber edging
  • Moldable version allows conformance to the client's shape for comfort and increased contact area
  • Available in Comfort-Tek or Stretch-Air
Head Support Sizes

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