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Vicair Technology

Why Vicair

Ready For Use

Each cushion comes ready to use once it has been properly fitted, to adjust simply add or remove smart cells from each compartment as needed.


Unique Smart Cell filled compartments compress slightly and slide against each other under the weight of an individual creating Contour, Envelopment and Pressure Redistribution.

Low Maintenance

Once properly adjusted a Vicair cushion will not leak air or require frequent adjustments. The air cells are virtually indestructible and reduce the risk of pressure injuries.


If an individuals positioning needs change, add or remove smart cells from the cush- ion. Slow and subtle adjustments are pos- sible, as well as adjustments while the user is seated.


Vicair technology is lightweight usually weighing less than 2 pounds (1.8 lbs. for a standard 18” x 16” cushion).


HCPCS Coding: E2624/E2625

  • Ideal for individuals who need an adjustable skin protection and positioning cushion that provides greater trochanter support for lateral stability and redistributes pressure to help create an ischial well.
  • 8 fully adjustable compartments, including a medial thigh separator.
  • Appropriate for clients with more complex positioning needs & promotes proper alignment of the lower extremities.
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HCPCS Coding: E2622/E2623

  • Ideal for individuals with positioning needs including posterior pelvic tilt & pelvic obliquities.
  • Five specifically designed cushion compartments provide for a custom fit.
  • Ideal for individuals with various risk factors for the development of pressure injuries.
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Smart Air Cells

Vicair Technology was developed to provide custom positioning capabilities on a stable seating surface with little to no maintenance for the individual or caregiver. This is accomplished by the interaction of individual air cells called "Smart Cells” divided into specially designed compartments in the cushion shell."
To optimize pressure re-distribution, envelopment in the support medium and positioning options, Smart Cells are added or removed from each compartment. Cushions designed with Vicair Technology provide solutions for the individual with simple to complex pressure and positioning needs.
Vicair Comfort Cells