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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Checklist

Pressure Relief

Micro-Climate Control

Shear Reduction

Does your cushion provide all three?

Why GlideWear?

Shear Reduction Zone

  • Specifically designed to reduce the risk of Decubitus Ulcer formation and also promotes the healing process of existing problem areas.
  • Reduces the risks of Decubitus Ulcers forming underneath the weight bearing bony prominences by greatly reducing the effects of shear forces, a known contributor to the breakdown of tissue.
  • In conjunction with a very low peak and average pressure readings on a cushion, the GlideWear shear reduction panel acts as a great secondary approach to ulcer prevention.

Micro-Climate Control

  • The GlideWear shear reduction panel is made with a 100% breathable material allowing for micro-climate control at the cushion surface.

Improved Comfort

  • Reduction of shear forces allows for a more comfortable seating surface for the user.

Proven Results

Measuring Shear

Coefficient of friction: the ratio between the force necessary to move one surface horizontally over another and the pressure between the two surfaces.
Less shear forces when GlideWear panel is used. Results published from Marquette University P.T. Department.


Study results showed GlideWear was perceived to provide patients a stable, safe seating surface.